What is Automotive media?

To weave an entertaining story around automobiles is the crux of automotive media. This includes photoshoots, videos, and other forms of entertainment genres.

What does Shiftup.club do? Advertising and media company

We at ShiftUp entertain and make videos with cars, bikes, planes, and submarines when we can. With cars as our main character, we weave a passionate story around these marvelous creations. But alongside, we also educate, and keep a tab on automobile market trends, breaking automobile news, car launches, car reviews, comparisons, and all the things that you get to enjoy with this lifestyle.

We will also undertake projects from automobile manufacturers to showcase their new launch, in the audio-visual format (Not a review).

We also seek and amplify sponsorships and sponsors. The automobile industry comprises many small-scale to large-scale automotive workshops (mod shops also included),a nd we at ShiftUp would like to collaborate with such entrepreneurs to not only showcase their products but also help market their new arrivals.

How can you partner with us? Sponsored

SHiFTUP.Club has different kinds of services, and our advertisers or sponsors can avail of any service, as per their project requirement. Some of the different services are as follows”

Sponsored Blogs: Our team of professional content writers can churn out any kind of content, whether it's in the form of an advertisement, or product descriptions, or Car reviews, or even a simple article. Our team of writers is competent in all forms and kinds of writings. But if you want something else, something with more interaction, then you have our -

Photoshoot services: If you’re an automotive shop or garage, who wants to showcase your workplace or a car or bike, that you have exclusively worked on. Then our photoshoot service should excite you! And even if that isn;t enough, you want something more, then we have Video shoots as well! SHiFTUP does various kinds of videos. Corporate video shoots are right up our alley, whereas product placement shoots and interviews are our forte. At SHiFTUP we believe that video content can be as varied and engaging as possible, so we strive to create content that tells a story, instead of just showcasing it. And last but not the least, we at SHiFTUP firmly believe in uplifting. So, for that we organise various Events. These will be automotive events, and the primary objective is to bring together various enthusiasts and automotive journalists under one roof, and have KT sessions about riding styles, industry events, et al. This event will also invite auto shop owners to set up their stalls and let people know about their various services. So, if you have a small-scale or a mid-scale garage/ automotive workshop.

Drop us a mail: [email protected] You can even ping us at our Instagram page: Shiftup.club.